Mediterraneo Breast Clinic

The Mediterraneo Breast Clinic was originally set up by a team of physicians from the University Hospitals of Cambridge, aiming to offer exactly the same services in Greece, based on the same guidelines used in the UK.

Today, an expert team consisting of breast surgeons, plastic surgeons (for immediate breast restoration after mastectomy), anatomic pathologists, radiologists, oncologists, psychologists and breast nurses, adhering to international guidelines, and in accordance with the standards of modern breast units internationally, offer high quality services for the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.

What is so special about Mediterraneo’s Breast Clinic?
  • Collaboration with the academic medical community,  and implementation of state-of-the-art methods deriving from international scientific research.
  • Implementation of a holistic treatment model, as the woman is supported by an entire team of physicians, nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, administrative personnel and specially trained staff providing the patient with the necessary information and support.
  • State of the art equipment to ensure the highest resolution in the diagnosis and simultaneously the woman’s safety.
  • Application of the “one stop” approach, which involves the triple assessment method, i.e. a clinical exam, a digital mammography where necessary and ultrasound biopsies (if need be), to help diagnose cancer faster prior to surgery. Thereby, waiting time stress is significantly reduced, unnecessary operations are avoided, and, in case an operation is actually required, the patient knows exactly the nature of the problem and the type of the procedure to be followed.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy in the case of microcalcifications with a vacuum assisted biopsy system so that we can have diagnosis without unnecessary procedures.
  • Execution of surgical operations by a team of experts who deal exclusively with breast disease. In cases where mastectomy is needed, breast reconstruction is executed at the same time, in order for the woman not to feel the traumatic experience of having lost part or the whole of her breast.
  • Use of a new method for sentinel node biopsy, using fluorescent pigmentation, a method which was recently approved and accredited in Japan, Germany and the UK and which improves accuracy without having to expose patients to radioactive isotopes.

Mediterraneo Breast Clinic, by insisting on international certifications and compliance to global standards, is a reference point and a guarantee that our patients will benefit from its services.

“To the wonderful staff at Mediterraneo Hospital: Doctors, Nurses, Cleaning Staff, Waiters – Thank you very much for your excellent care during our stay”

Ilse N. & Marianne