Dialysis Unit – Artificial Kidney Unit

The Unit is located on the 2nd floor and is easily accessible by people with special needs. It consists of two (2) extracorporeal dialysis halls equipped with twenty (20) Nikkiso individual dialysis devices.

The Unit capitalizes on the use of an innovative on-line methods in order to record data, i.e. sufficiency of dialysis is measured daily thus allowing for immediate adjustments and parameter changes, if need be, alongside guaranteeing optimum dialysis results.

Other dialysis treatments are also performed (classic, hemofiltration etc). Membranes used are fully compatible with patients and provide scope for high standard dialysis.

The medical and nursing staff is very experienced and fully able to tackle any problem that could arise. Integrating the Unit within the wider context of a modern and fully operational hospital is an edge in terms of benefiting from Mediterraneo Hospital’s infrastructure, such as:

  • Immediate support from the Angiosurgery department by conducting scheduled as well as emergency vascular access surgery to deal with e. g. fistula, grafts, permanent catheter placement
  • Collaboration with the department of Interventional Radiology for ordinary or extraordinary cases (permanent catheters)
  • Immediate response by the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for all critical and life-threatening emergencies
  • Immediate response for patients with transfusion needs, thanks to the Hospital’s blood bank
  • patient problems are promptly handled by physicians of all medical specialties who are on call daily
  • diagnostic tests are run thanks to a wide variety of specialized medical equipment available

The Artificial Kidney Unit is operative within the framework of our dynamic Nephrology Clinic. Our efficient staff includes well-known and distinguished physicians who are there to deal with the entire spectrum of all kidney diseases (glomerulonephritis, acute renal failure, chronic renal failure etc) both at the level of outpatient department services, as well as regular hospital patients.

Hemodialysis - Dialysis Unit – Artificial Kidney Unit

In line with the latest developments in the field, water is processed online, with continuous measurements on water purity.

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