Specialized Units

In addition to the services provided in the nursing and diagnostic departments, the operation of selected specialized units is what sets a hospital’s mark regarding the inclusiveness of departments, specialization, and importance.

In the category of specialized units, Mediterraneo Hospital offers either units operating in a specific location with their own specialized staff, or independent teams of experts with absolute specialization in their field working with the specific team of associates who staff it.

In any event, they all have one thing in common: the hallmark of a quality space, as expressed by the attention to detail, the methodical organization, the adoption of international medical protocols, and always responding to the individual needs of each patient.

eidikes monades - Specialized Units & Clinics
eidikes monades1 - Specialized Units & Clinics

“We are very grateful that my father was treated in your hospital. You are a fantastic team: very competent and humane. Thank you for everything!”

Sybille P., Norway

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