Physiotherapy Department

The Physiotherapy Department operates in two specially designed areas and is staffed by a team of qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

The physiotherapy team applies modern clinical protocols and quality assurance procedures. It cooperates closely with orthopedics, physicians, neurologists, cardiac surgeons, rheumatologists and intensivists.

The department operates 365 days a year, in the morning and in the afternoon, and provides its services to inpatients and outpatients at the Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U.), the High Dependency Unit (H.D.U.) and the other hospitalization floors and at the department’s own facilities.

It offers specialized support, treatment and rehabilitation in the following cases:

Neurological disorders, spinal disorders and spinal cord injuries, orthopedic disorders, sports injuries, rheumatologic diseases, lung diseases, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and lymphedema.

The specialists of the physiotherapy department stand next to the patient with a smile, with knowledge and humanity using the latest stationary and portable equipment (for bedside treatment).

The physiotherapy team delivers lectures and seminars to the medical and nursing staff regarding its expertise and regularly monitors the newest scientific data through attending conferences and educational seminars.

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After arthroplasty, intertrochanteric fracture procedures, ligamentoplasty, shoulder surgery or meniscectomy, and by supporting the patient during the first vital postoperative hours with modern equipment, such as CPM and TENS, the Physiotherapy Department of Mediterraneo Hospital is able to assist in the early mobilization of the knee, when it comes to one day clinic surgeries, in the gait training, while it is also able offer full rehabilitation programs.


After spinal fusion surgery, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty or microdiscectomy, the Department of Physiotherapy offers the initial advice for the correct way of getting out of bed and advice on the correct application of the appropriate brace, when necessary. There are also integrated muscular rehabilitation programs based on personalized exercises to improve proprioception and balanced muscle strengthening.


After heart attacks, coronary artery bypass, valvular heart disease, N.Y.H.A. heart failure or thoracic surgery, such as lobectomy or pneumonectomy the Department of Physiotherapy rehabilitation program starts with specialized respiratory physiotherapy and safe coughing techniques in the I.C.U. and follows the patient through the stages 1, 2 & 3 of rehabilitation.


In cases of hemorrhagic stroke, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and traumatic brain injury, in full collaboration with the Stroke Unit and focusing on the personalized approach, the Physiotherapy Department, works on balance, proprioception and muscle strengthening and increases the patient’s endurance from the first stage to full rehabilitation or continuous monitoring.

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