One Day Clinic (O.D.C.)

The One Day Clinic (O.D.C.) at Mediterraneo Hospital includes two halls with a 10 bed capacity and is directly linked to the Emergencies Department and the One Day Clinic Surgical Theaters.

  • Operates as a place of preparation for patients undergoing minor surgical procedures such as eye surgeryplastic surgery and minor orthopedic surgery.
  • Regularly serves pathologicalrheumatological and oncological cases requiring intra-day stay of patients for therapy.
  • Accommodates patients who visit the Outpatient Clinics as emergency cases and need to stay in the hospital for a few hours during their diagnostic tests and therapeutic interventions.

“I would like to express my thankfulness to the medical and nursing staff of Mediterraneo Hospital, for both the quality and the integrity of the services offered to me in this difficult adventure of my health”

Konstantinos L.



“While passing to the convalescence stage, I feel deeply obliged to thank your entire hospital staff for the high level of services that you offered me and I’m sure that you offer to all your patients.”

Eftyhis Μ.