Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

In the wider framework of our Department for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, specific care and treatment is provided in the following fields:

  • Mobility and functional assistance through Functional Electrical Stimulation – F.E.S. for upper and lower limbs
  • Spasticity and dystonia management (cervical dystonia/ torticollis, torso dystonia, upper and lower limb dystonias), as well as other conditions (head terror, tension headaches) through intramuscular injections of allantotoxin under electromyographic guidance.
  • Specialized expert counseling for Pediatric Rehabilitation (management of cerebral palsy, congenital syndromes, neurological and musculosceletal childhood disorders)
  • Selection and prescription of appropriate joint and gait assistance devices, as well as other specialized rehabilitation means, depending on individual patient needs.
  • Counseling on the rehabilitation and monitoring of musculoskeletal diseases.
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“Me and my husband are so greatful for all the care. Thank you for all smiles and helping hands and good treatment”

Tina & Mats P.

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