In the broader field of Internal Medicine, our Oncology Department offers a holistic approach for neoplastic disorders, as well as close monitoring in the outpatient oncology clinic. The Oncology Department is diagnostically supported by the modern laboratories and diagnostic departments within our Hospital, such as:

  • Biopathology – Hematology – Biochemistry – Biology – Genetics
  • Radiology Imaging
  • Cytology– Pathology

“Systemic management” is any treatment usually administered intravenously, aiming to fight the specific disease, or prevent its spreading or manage and treat a metastasis; combined with other therapeutic methods (surgery, radiotherapy), it could achieve optimum therapeutic results.

It is known that systematic chemotherapy and antineoplastic treatment, besides treating the disease, affects patients with side effects, which are intercepted by special medicines usually in advance or managed successfully during and after each treatment.

Patients that choose our facilities for their treatment are able to select among the One Day Clinic Department or the Internal Medicine wards.

Our fundamental objective is to provide complete oncological management for our patients, in collaboration with other medical specialties, combined with pain management, psychological support for the patient and relatives, as well as nutrition and diet advice.


“I felt safe and I could rely on you. An excellent hospital!”

Tina P.