Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Department activities consist of:

  • Daily rounds
  • Scheduling the necessary lab tests and recommended treatment
  • Conducting diagnostic and invasive exams, such as, bone marrow aspiration, sternal puncture, bone marrow biopsy, pleural and ascitic paracentesis
  • Support to patients admitted in other departments, who have problems related to Internal Medicine
  • Daily talks about the patients’ problems and progress from the whole team and bibliographic updates regarding the diseases for which patients are hospitalized or the latest therapeutic and diagnostic developments in the field of Internal Medicine
  • An outpatient clinic is available for monitoring and providing preventive guidance to patients suffering from hypertensiveness, diabetes, obesity, anemia, as well as to patients who have been discharged, but need further monitoring
  • An internist is on duty 24 hours a day, who is experienced in being on call at a General Hospital
Stethascope - Internal Medicine
PateintCare - Internal Medicine

Emergency Dept.:
It responds to Emergencies round the clock
Regular Outpatient Dept.:
To schedule your appointment, please contact the Secretariat at +30 210 911 7000, ext: 520 & 521


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