Headache Clinic

Evaluation of patients suffering from headaches (be they migraines, tension headaches, or even rare types of headache or types that are hard to treat such as cumulative, paroxysmal hypertension or  bilateral headaches, trigeminal neuralgias or chronic migraines) is possible at this special practice for Headache management.

An expert neurologist, with postgraduate background in this field, having specialized in both Greece and abroad, examines patients and helps them deal with headaches. The medical doctor records patient history (neurologically and headache-wise), proceeds with an objective neurological assessment, evaluates lab test results (should there are be any available), informs patients on diagnosis and provides further explanations and advice on additional tests that may be called for as well as on treatment choices. Special protocols also apply when necessary.

This expert Headache Practice is where any patient may turn to, be it after their physician refers them or on their own initiative.

The duration of a standard consultation is about 45 minutes long.

KEFALALGIA - Headache Clinic

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