Ophthalmology (Eye Clinic)

The Eye Clinic manages all eye diseases and medical conditions emphasizing on provision of high quality services thanks to our specialized and experienced staff.
Mediterraneo Hospital’s ultramodern operation rooms are used so as to perform the entire spectrum of eye operations.
The fast and safe servicing of patients, know-how which comes from our experience in having performed thousands of eye procedures and operations, the presence of other medical specialties to assist and possibly scrub-in in this well-organised medical institution make the level of health services we provide incomparable.

Common Eye Diseases

The fully renovated Eye Clinic of Mediterraneo Hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment so as to diagnose and treat eye disease. Besides being equipped for an complete eye check, the following specialized treatments and therapies are also performed:

1. OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography-high definition): an ultramodern piece of equipment is used to diagnose and follow-up on macula disease as well as all types of glaucoma in line with the latest international studies.

2.Fundus fluoroangiography is used to diagnose diseases such as macular degenerations, diabetic retinopathy etc.

3. Corneal topography helps diagnose and follow-up on cornea diseases such as ceratoconus.

4. Laser (Argon and Νd-YAG) are used for the treatment of fundus disease, secondary cataract (eye lens capsule blurring), closed-angle glaucoma etc.

5. Visual fields are examined to diagnose and follow-up on glaucoma and various neurological conditions.

6. Α and Β scan ocular ultrasonography



“We were shown excellent care and respect by all staff – doctors – nurses and all ancillaries, for which we are very grateful”

David & Laurence M.