Obesity (Bariatric) Surgery

We live in a world where appearance plays a very important role in the social life of an individual. It is easy for an obese or an overweight person to feel alienated from the rest of society and have low self-esteem. As a result, obese and overweight people quite often falsely conclude they can never have a healthy, happy life.

Having that in mind, people often opt for exhausting dieting schemes and coupling them with vitamin supplements or even drugs thinking they can thus get really thin and healthy. Yet, this is far from true as they might thus be permanently damaging their health and, after all, such schemes do not constitute a permanent solution for severe obesity cases.

A team of dedicated and specialized medical experts who have trained in Europe are focusing mostly in surgery aiming at long-term weight loss and follow-up of obese patients.

Our Hospital offers an affordable and integrated weight loss program which includes full pre op exams, support and dietician/ psychologist expert advice and services along with a custom-made surgical operation to manage obesity.

Surgical treatment for severe or morbid Obesity cases, when ΒΜΙ is over 40 and, upon condition, of Type ΙΙ Obesity, where ΒΜΙ is over 35, iw now only laparoscopic. Our highly skilled medical team has been trained to perform, and indeed performs on a daily basis, all types of Obesity treatment surgery which may be broken into the following categories:

Gastric Constriction Procedures

Combination Procedures

In addition to achieving weight loss you will also be helped in dealing with medical conditions interwoven with being overweight such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, musculoskeletal disease etc.
The Laparoscopic Surgery Section of Mediterraneo Hospital, exclusively dedicated to treating obesity, is moreover the only surgical section in Greece that managed to develop and promote the notion of Medical Tourism, and indeed gets visits and patients from around theglobe so as for them to effectively manage the disease of Morbid Obesity.

“Love, smile and kindness by all nurses and staff, something the patient really needs for their recovery.”

Panayiota K.