Department of Surgery

The operation of 11 surgical theaters, and a 12th hybrid surgical room with a built-in angiography system, denotes the emphasis given to the growth of the surgical field.

The surgical complex at Mediterraneo Hospital is among the most modern in Greece.

Spacious operating theaters, modern electromechanical installations, and specialized medical devices allow for the uninterrupted operation of more than 15 surgical specialties and respective subspecialties.

The superior quality of the boutique hospital, in the closed operating theater environment is manifested by the “tweaked” colors used in the rooms, the functional automation of the facilities, the smile and unpretentious interest of its staff.

The stay in the recovery area is enriched through soothing music sounds, which can be enjoyed by patients recovering from anesthesia through the use of special headphones.

Quality in the field of surgery means absence of dangerous incidents, absence of surgical infections, and reduced morbidity.

The impressive statistics captured in the records of quality indicators for the above characteristics, are the uncontestable proof of our quality status.

“I shall never forget the treatment I received at the Mediterraneo Hospital. Everyone was so kind and professional.”

Paul R.

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