Main Labs

The Biopathology Lab consists of the following departments:

Blood Transfusion & Blood Donation
Coagulation Testing

Through the fully developed rota software for doctors, biopathologists and for the technologists of the clinical microbiological laboratories, the department is able to receive samples 24 hours and on holidays.

All types of samples may be taken (body fluids or other materials) from in-house patients as well as outpatients and all tests of a modern and fully-equipped biopathology center are being run.

Both our hospital’s attending physicians and our outsourced partner-physicians get updated by the doctors in charge of the Biopathology Unit as far as test results are concerned while particular attention is paid to those patients who are in need of immediate treatment.

In all the aforementioned sections the Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art analyzers, the majority of which were purchased recently and strictly comply with top-notch quality specifications.

The overall procedure until test results are out counts on the use of a fully automated IT system which tags and ids biological materials assigning barcodes and checking tests are run properly -from a qualitative point of view- until eventually lab test data are entered into individual patient electronic files.

Quality Control

In line with the hospital’s Quality Policy, our Central Laboratories obtained in 2012

  • an ISO 9001:2008 certification from the National Evaluation Center of Quality and Technology in Health S.A. and
  • Temos certification, which validates and optimizes the entire hospital’s medical and non-clinical services for international patients.

To ensure adequate certification of the various methods and analyses used, there is both an in-house and an external quality control program using control conditions set by independent, internationally acclaimed companies.

Blood Donation & Transfusion

This unit caters for transfusion needs 24/7 so as to meet the respective needs of our patients. Rhesus phenotypic testing as well as anti-erythrocyte antibody tests are being run to make sure fully matched and compatible units of red cells and blood derivatives are transfused to patients.

Moreover, when it comes to patients due to be operated on in our Hospital, there is the option of self-transfusion, in cooperation with the blood transfusion center of the Asklepion Hospital in Voula and its respective blood bank. Blood may be pre-deposited (i.e. drawn from a patient) 3 weeks prior to surgery and, subsequently, if need be, blood transfused to the patient inside the OR will be their own.

“I felt safe and I could rely on you. An excellent hospital!”

Tina P.