BLS® Course

What exactly is BLS®?
It is the only official and formally certified seminar the European Resuscitation Council offers and Resuscitation Teaching Council of Greece trainers deliver.

Seminar content touches on the timely acknowledgement of patients at risk, first aid systems, CPR, safe and proper use of external defibrillators, safe and proper positioning for patients after successful resuscitation as well as first aid in case of suffocating or drowning.

Who does BLS concern?

It concerns :
a) all citizens who wish to know more about cardiac arrest and how to provide first aid
b) white and blue collar workers of big companies where the odds are high they might be asked to provide first aid to a colleague
c) all those who work in the Health Sector
d) physicians and nursing staff that are required to have such skills and wish to attend a specialized Life Support seminar.
What is the duration of the seminar?
The seminar lasts about 5 to 5 ½ hours. It is delivered in Greek and trainees are also given a relevant handbook.

What is the course structure like?

Groups of trainees consist from 3 to a maximum of 6 people and each team may have up to two instructors. Final assessment is made by the instructors themselves as they meet to consult and assess overall skill range and safety in resuscitation techniques used by trainees on an individual basis, which is the so-called continuous assessment method. Once this is done, trainees may log on to the European Resuscitation Council database to get the official copy of their certification.

Participation fee: 25 Euros
Program Coordinator Mrs Athina Zikou
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New BLS Instructor Course date:
26th Jan. 2020
For further information and registration please contact us at:
M.: +30 2109117000, +30 6976222373