ATLS® Course

What exactly is ATLS®?

ATLS® is an Advanced Trauma Life Support Course designed for physicians who are trained in the correct actions and techniques of immediate support for the multiple trauma patient, i.e. care that should be provided to the injured person in the first hour or “Golden Hour” as it has been called, when rapid evaluation, resuscitation, and often surgery contribute to survival and drastically reduce associated morbidity.

ATLS® training methods emphasize on the active involvement of trainees who interact with the instructors during both the practical and theoretical part of their training.

Trainees practice on manikins and live patient models simulating a wide range of trauma cases including a simulated Operating Room. At the end of the seminar, trainees take a series of written and oral tests to evaluate their knowledge and competence in managing heavily injured patients.

Course’s duration and potential candidates

The course runs for two (2) days – twenty (20) training hours – and all primary care doctors, regardless of medical specialty, surgeons and emergency care physicians may attend the course.


The number of participants is limited and ranges between 15 and 22.

The participation fee is €500 and this includes the newest ATLS® manual (10th edition), which reflects an international, interdisciplinary and documented approach, to meet the needs of the modern doctor, worldwide.

Upon successfully completing the course, physicians shall receive a certificate (Verification Card) which is valid for four (4) years; after which point they must renew it (Reverification).

ATLS Meditteraneo Hospital Course Site

ATLS Course Director: Dr. Konstantinos Villias, General Surgeon, Head Surgery Dpt., NIMTS Hospital

Course Coordinator: Mrs. Athena Zikou

Course Secretary: Mrs. Anna Karabini


September 4th – 5th (No availability)
October 16th – 17th
For further information and registration please contact us:
 Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 20:00
M.: +30 6932547761




The ATLS course was established after a plane crash in Nebraska – U.S.A. in 1976. The pilot, an orthopedic surgeon named James Styner, and three of his children were seriously injured while his wife was instantly killed.

Dr. Styner carried out the initial triage of his children at the crash site and then he found that the emergency care provided at the small hospital where they were treated was inadequate and inappropriate.

Upon returning to Lincoln, Dr. Styner started developing a system for life saving in critical injury situations. With his colleague Paul Collicott and the assistance of Lincoln Medical Education Foundation, the first ATLS® course was carried out in 1978.

In 1980, the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma adopted ATLS® and courses were gradually organized in the US and worldwide.

In Greece, ATLS® commenced in 1993, under the Direction of Dr. Ioannis Androulakis, Professor of Surgery at the University of Patras. The National ATLS® Centre is located in Patras and is in charge of qualitative control for all seminars held, as well as for accrediting new course providers throughout the country.

Today, ATLS® is held in more than 80 countries worldwide and in many of them it is a prerequisite for starting a specialty (USA, England, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands).