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Glyfada was established as the heart of Athens’ southern suburbs, because of its prime waterfront location, rich commercial center, and modern business district. It has been described as the headpoint of the ‘Athens Riviera’ and features some of Europe’s most opulent seafront residences, gardens and extensive beachfront property, with a modern marina.

Glyfada is located on the coast, and is one of the most popular places to go during summertime. This is the place where most of the Greek population goes during the summertime to enjoy the incredible quantity of trendy clubs and bars boarding the town and the coast.

In the last few years more tourists have discovered the southeast coast of Athens, and many were delighted to find that they could stay right on, or within easy walking distance of the sea and still have access to the Acropolis and the museums and archaeology sites of the city by public transport.

With the opening of the coastal tram the towns of Glyfada, Voula and Faliron have seen an influx of foreign travelers.

These high-tech streetcars run on tracks that begin in Syntagma and end up in Voula. The cars are air-conditioned and comfortable and though a little slow, (the trip to Glyfada takes about an hour), are enjoyable and offer some great views of the coast.

This coastal area, also known as Athens Gold Coast or Athenian Riviera is really extension of Athens with shops and restaurants, cafes and the one thing that central Athens does not have: the Aegean Sea.

Glyfada Square is the center of Coastal Athens Glyfada is a major shopping area with hundreds of stores within easy walking distance. Most of the buildings are modern apartment style and the coastal tram runs down the center of the street giving the town a more cosmopolitan Mediterranean feeling.

If you love to shop you will love Glyfada. There are several mall style shopping centers. Glyfadas shopping district has one of the most vibrant and diversified commercial centers of Athens’ neighborhoods, with a collection ranging across specialist and designer boutiques.

Like Voula and Vouliagmeni it is the home to many millionaires, Greek popular singers and movie stars, politicians wealthy Arabs, and others. You could call it the Beverly Hills of Athens but really it is a mixture of wealthy and middle-class.

To live in Glyfada is prestigious. You will see the same style of architecture as you see in other parts of Athens, modern 4 to 6 story apartment buildings, with nice lawns.

Glyfada is also home to a real 18 hole golf course, rare in Greece and even more rare back in the sixties and seventies when it was the only one in the country. This par-72 course was built in 1962 and remains the only golf course in the city.

Despite its solo status, tee times are easily arranged. In addition to its 18-holes, Glyfada offers a golf academy, pro shop, changing rooms, bar, and restaurant for celebrating victories on the greens. Carts and equipment are available for rent.

Even if you don’t play, you can go there for a drink or lunch in a relaxing place , with nice service in a great environment. There is also a small marina, a couple beaches, some fancy cafes and restaurants and a seasonal amusement park.

Glyfada Marina includes marine space and coastal land area totaling 3 kilometers.

On the quay at Glyfada is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for sea turtles. The staff there provide free educational tours of the facilities and treatments for visitors. The tasks of the center are to rehabilitate injured and sick sea turtles and to raise public awareness.

Every year almost 50 turtles are brought to the Rescue Centre form all over Greece, and almost 20000 people (schools, organised groups, and individual visitors) visit the exhibition area.

Around Glyfada you may discover a lot of private beaches as well as some lovely rocky creeks obviously less crowded than the big sandy beaches.