Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mediterraneo Hospital, the concept Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of a series of actions that not only contribute to our viable development and sustainability, but positions us as a responsible corporate citizen. Our aim to ensure our patients’ health, and our strong sense of responsibility towards our fellow man, is reflected in a set of community actions.

Free primary health care

Mediterraneo Hospital, with a social conscience and sensitivity, responsive to the ever increasing needs of vulnerable social groups, provides free medical and diagnostic tests in the community clinics of the neighboring Municipalities of Argyroupolis and Glyfada, to municipal employees, and within the structure of the Open Care Facilities for the Elderly.

Also, fully aware of the importance of prevention in the protection and promotion of health, Mediterraneo offers free packets for screening tests to members of social clubs such as: “Together for Life”, “Life Force”, “Panathenaic”.

Discount Policy

In the same context of social vigilance, Mediterraneo Hospital implements a favorable discount policy for residents of the following municipalities: Glyfada, Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni, Hellinikon – Argyroupolis, both for regular incidents and emergencies.

Donated equipment

All healthcare professionals are aware of the importance of having adequate medical equipment for the proper functioning of hospitals. Mediterraneo Hospital, actively demonstrating its solidarity, has donated medical equipment, hospital equipment, and medical supplies to centers in Attica and in the surrounding regions.

Indicatively, donations to Lemnos Hospital, to the Community Clinic of the Municipality of Hellinikon – Argyroupolis, the Attica Region Social Welfare Center, and the Municipal Clinic of Agia Marina Kropias, have contributed significantly to addressing major deficiencies and upgraded the services offered.

Social Actions

In health, the concept of prevention is inextricably linked to knowledge and information. For this reason, open informational campaigns are organized in order to increase public awareness about pressing medical issues, such as stroke episodes, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease. These actions are always associated with the offer of specific screening tests at preferential prices.

Present in the sport sector, Mediterraneo Hospital provides ambulance coverage, with a fully trained crew and physician to major sporting events.

It also provides assistance to initiatives of other social organizations such as Alma Zois, and the Association of Women with Breast Cancer. The massive participation of the Hospital’s personnel in these, and other activities such as voluntary blood donation, confirms that Corporate Social Responsibility is a common philosophy of both the Administration and Personnel and forms the basis of the quality of Mediterraneo Hospital.

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