Boutique Hospital

Mediterraneo Hospital is a private hospital, located in Glyfada, in the region of the “Athenian Riviera”.

Mediterraneo hospital’s 164 nursing beds and more than 25 medical specialties cover a wide medical range on a diagnostic and therapeutic level.

What characterizes and differentiates Mediterraneo is the pioneering conception and implementation of the “boutique” approach in a hospital environment.

This initially translates into an elegant building, with discreet luxury and personal style. The decorative details aim to create an atmosphere of intimacy, tranquility and safety.

The bright and cheerful colors, the inspired paintings depicting Mediterranean landscapes and relaxing music create to our visitors the feeling of staying in a hotel; very different from the impersonal and sterile atmosphere of a typical hospital.

Essential to the “boutique hospital” concept are the boutique services tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Based on the standards of “boutique hotels” and following the modern trends in medicine, the “boutique” medical center focuses on more specialized and not mass services, by offering high quality medical and nursing care in an environment that is elegant, intimate, and with discreet luxury which conveys safety and trust.

To achieve this entails the recruitment of elite medical teams, high-quality medical technology and cutting-edge equipment.

In this context, we monitor all the pioneering developments in medicine through research and clinical studies, we collaborate with world-class scientific teams and with internationally renowned clinics and adopt innovative applications and methods with proven significant clinical results.

The approach of individualized / personal care, which we support through the «boutique» aesthetic, could not flourish, if it was not accompanied by the steady and methodical cultivation of this philosophy to all the contributors within Mediterraneo’s entire workforce.

Professional services combined with the warmth of personal contact, is the “stylistic” view, which Mediterraneo Boutique Hospital offers and supports as a “life attitude”.

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