Important notice

Diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus, SARS COV-2 are only performed on weekdays 8.00am - 10.00pm


Robotic Surgery

Technology enhancing healthcare excellence



Diagnostic tests for the new coronavirus, SARS COV-2


The new powerful 3T MRI scanner

Reliable and accurate diagnosis for successful and valid treatment


We reshape your mammogram experience

with the brand new Senographe Pristina 3D with Tomosynthesis


Radiation Oncology Center

High specialization and targeted therapy of extreme precision in the most difficult areas



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All diagnostic tests for the detection of the new Coronavirus, SARS COV-2, are performed at Mediterraneo Hospital, always after the recommendation of the treating physician, who will determine which type of test is the most appropriate, depending on the case.

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Mediterraneo First Care

By inaugurating Mediterraneo First Care we are expanding our presence in Healthcare, we are adding new services, we are increasing our communication points with our fellow citizens, and we are sharing a life experience with them.

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Municipality Resident Discounts

Mediterraneo Hospital, with social sensitivity, conscientiously continues its discount rate policy for primary care services for the entire 2020.

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Check Up Packages

Health is the most valuable asset and prevention is the mightiest weapon for safeguarding it. At Mediterraneo Hospital, we have designed 14 different Check Up packages by gender, and age to suit your particular needs.

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Medical Tourism

Both our geographical location at the Athenian Riviera, as well as our focused strategy led to the accumulation of significant experience in serving international patients.

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Mediterraneo – Breast Screening Program

The first program in Greece , applying the most recent guidelines for breast screening, providing a British standard of service at a competitive price.


Robotic surgery

Where technology enhances medical effect. Applications of Robotic Assisted Surgery at Mediterraneo Hospital.

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Radiation Oncology & Stereotactic Radiosurgery

The leading linear accelerator EdgeTM, the 1st one in Greece, used for both classical Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery.

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Neuro & Spine Surgery

The first, in number of operations, spine surgery center in Greece. The most advanced minimally invasive surgical methods with maximum efficiency.

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Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

Pioneering treatment of digestive malignancy in early stages without surgery using the ESD method, performed in very few gastroenterology departments in Greece.

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Cardiac MRI Scan

High quality MRI scans that cover the full range of cardiovascular diseases.

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Interventional Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery

One of our pillar services with emphasis on minimally invasive methods, such as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI).

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Mediterraneo Breast Clinic

Το Mediterraneo Breast Clinic (MBC) follows the modern functional organization and protocols for the treatment of breast diseases.

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Acute Stroke Center

The first one that operated in Greece according to the international standards of Stroke Units. Immediate support from a team of experts 24/7/365.




Our experience exceeded all expectations from every level of staff. Thank you for helping us through this difficult time!

Murdo John K.

The level of services offered, the ambiance and warmth of your hospital - staff and facilities - equal the ones at its European counterparts

Antonios K.


Are you ready to receive first class medical services ?