Mediterraneo Hospital offers a well-organized Haematology Clinic equipped with sophisticated equipment and experienced medical staff.

The Clinic is always available to patients, ready to provide complete services 24 hours a day.

The department can manage any case of malignant or benign blood disease, by using innovative therapeutic treatments, such as:

  • Biological therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Adjuvant therapies

In collaboration with other departments within our hospital (ex. Radiology, Microbiology, Pathology etc) we perform a thorough research of all blood disorders.

Stethascope - Haematology
PateintCare - Haematology

Emergency Dept.:
It responds to Emergencies round the clock
Regular Outpatient Dept.:
To schedule your appointment, please contact the Secretariat at +30 210 911 7000, ext. 815 & 830