Digital Mammography

Mediterraneo’s Digital Mammography Unit uses the latest high definition and very low radiation digital Philips mammograph (2010 model).

It has an ultramodern stereotactic biopsy system allowing for pain-free biopsies and other painless, non-invasive procedures (FNA, FNB, cut biopsies, pre-op placement of wire drivers).

Our experienced radiologists process images at a special terminal using a double blind method, where images are being studied independently by two expert radiologists and should there be controversy then they study them in unison before consulting, if need be, with a third radiologist. As a result, repeat tests are avoided to a great extent, or further investigation and diagnostic mistakes are avoided.

Where required, further more magnified and localized shots are taken, although the use of digital technology and double blind evaluations have significantly limited the need for repeat shots.

The coexistence of Breast MRI, mammography and breast ultrasound, with the possibility of performing biopsies (FNA, FNB or FNAB), is a complete solution for breast imaging.

Surgeon Heart - Digital Mammography
ipad - Digital Mammography

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