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Cooperation renewal for Mediterraneo Hospital and Ethniki Hellenic Insurance

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Glyfada, 19/10/2017

The multi – annual cooperation between Mediterraneo Hospital and Ethniki Hellenic Insurance continues and is being upgraded in 2017, while giving the two parties the opportunity to further renew this important agreement.
The renewal of this strategic partnership ensures that all beneficiaries of Ethniki Hellenic Insurance individual or group contracts will be provided with high quality health services.

Mediterraneo Hospital is the first facility in Greece to receive the BS EN 15224 quality certification by an accredited body, which covers a wide range of medical, diagnostic and therapeutic levels. Our hospital is staffed by selected medical teams, has high quality medical technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Protect your Heart Now!

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World Heart Day – PRESS RELEASE


Protect your Heart Now!


Modern cardiology and cardiac surgery have considerably progressed in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, statistics show, that this remains the first cause of death in the Western world where 1 heart attack occurs every 4-5 seconds.

In Greece 20.000 myocardial heart attacks occur per year of which 1 in 4 do not make it to the hospital. What are we missing and what are we doing wrong?

Prevention is the answer and this should be our motto for today’s World Heart Day.

Cardiovascular disease does not just happen.

It builds up through the years from risk factors that we often overlook or don’t recognize. Smoking, high blood pressure, lack of exercise, high cholesterol and diabetes are vital. These symptoms take effect gradually and are often detected after the first cardiovascular incident. 

Measures of prevention:              

  • Quit smoking. Smokers actually  live 13-14 years less than the non-smokers.              
  • Mobilize yourself – get up from your chair. 60 minutes of intense physical exercise per week, reduces incidents of cardiovascular disease by 30%.·
  • Control your weight.              
  • Regulate your blood pressure.
  • Keep on normal levels your cholesterol and diabetes with the guidance of your doctor.

Even if we believe we are in a low-risk factor group for cardiovascular disease, the best prevention is visiting a Specialized Cardiologist.


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Osteoporosis is one of many medical issues in the recent years that concern the whole civilized world. It is defined as the decrease of the bone mineral density that affects the structure of the bone and increases the risk of spontaneous fracture. Osteopenia is the asymptomatic condition where there are no fractures involved.

It is known that at least 33% of women will suffer of low bone density mineral after the age of 48 due to menopause, while 20% of men will  sustain one or more fractures after the age of 50 due to poor bone quality.

Major risk factors to develop osteoporosis are considered family history, small body frame, unbalanced diet with low amount of calcium and vitamin D, excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking use, high caffeine intake, inactive lifestyle, hormone imbalances due to thyroid or menstruation problems, long term therapy with glucocorticoids, anticoagulants, anti-seizure medications, contraceptives, anti-inflammatories, antineoplastic and PPI medications.

Awareness and prevention is the best strategy against osteoporosis. Although some risk factors cannot be changed there are several that can be reduced or even eliminated in order to prevent osteoporosis. Adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, proper exercising and specific anti-osteoporotic medications can increase the bone quality. Osteopenia can and must be treated before it is developed to osteoporosis.

Early diagnosis along with proper treatment by a Specialized Physician can contribute to a controlled progress of the disease without complications.

The Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease Department of Mediterraneo Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Constantinos Tsevdos M.D., M.Sc., provide the latest knowledge and techniques regarding prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis as well as other metabolic bone diseases.


To request an appointment at the Osteoporosis & Metabolic Bone Disease Department call at +30 210 911 7000


A novel cardiac operation by the Mediterraneo Hospital “Heart Team””

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TAVIA few days ago a transapical aortic valve implantation (TAVI) was performed with absolute success -and for the first time in Greece- using the SYMETIS transcatheter aortic valve at Mediterraneo Hospital. Minimal access technique with a small surgical incision was used. The operation was performed on an octogenarian male who had previously been operated on with Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting by the same team 13 years ago.

Decision to proceed with the transapical approach was dictated by the multiple comorbidities (pulmonary disease, peripheral vascular disease), old age, previous successful operation and the lack of peripheral vascular access (which would enable the more conservative percutaneous transcatheter implantation).

The successful operation was performed at the Hybrid Operating Theater of Mediterraneo Hospital which is a combination of a Cardiac Surgery Operating Theater and a fully equipped Interventional Cardiology Laboratory. Dr. Matthew Panagiotou, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Director of Cardiac Surgery Department and Dr. Athanasios Magginas, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Director of Cardiology Department and their respective teams made the procedure possible.

After the successful procedure, Mediterraneo Hospital belongs to an international group of hospitals with an increasing experience, being able to offer the full range of surgical and interventional options for the treatment of aortic valve disease.

Delivery of medicines and medical supplies to the Social Pharmacy of the Elliniko – Argyroupolis Municipality

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Glyfada, 17/02/16

There was a great response of Mediterraneo Hospital staff to the call for medicines concentration for the Social Pharmacy of the Elliniko – Argyroupolis Municipality. We have all sent a powerful message of solidarity. Medicines and medical supplies were delivered on Wednesday, 17th February at the Social Service facilities of the Municipality and will be available to our uninsured and financially weak fellow citizens.

Organ donation, a magnanimous act

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Surgery The 39-year-old A.F., admitted in Mediterraneo Hospital on March 1st, 2015 with severe cerebral hemorrhage offered the present of life to six people.

Respecting her wishes, the relatives offered her organs for transplantation after her clinical diagnosis of brain death.
The process was coordinated by the National Transplant Organization in cooperation with the head of the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Mrs. Maria Petraki.
The medical team from Palermo, Italy, received the lungs, the team from the General Hospital “Evangelismos” the kidney, the team from “Ippokratio” in Thessaloniki received the liver and, finaly, the team from G.N.A. “G. Genimatas” received the corneas.
The received organs were successfully transplanted as follows:
• Her liver to a 16-year-old girl
• Her one kidney to a 49-year-old woman
• Her second kidney to a 33-year-old man
• Her lungs to a 53-year-old woman in Palermo, Italy
• Her corneas in patients with eye problems.
One of the corneal transplant procedures took place at Mediterraneo Hospital, by the Director of Ophthalmology Department, Dr. John Mallias.
What  an act of selflessness in times of great selfishness.

Donation to the Kropia Municipal Medical Health Unit in Aghia Marina

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Equipment donated to the Kropia Municipal Medical Health Unit in Aghia Marina

As part of its corporate social responsibility activities Mediterraneo Hospital, its Administration donated medical machinery and equipment, examination couches and healthcare materials to the Municipal Medical Health Unit in Aghia Marina.

The aforementioned have already been delivered and installed.

Press Conference for O – Αrm surgical imaging system

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The fully portable O-arm surgical imaging system by Medtronic, a hi-tec company, is a multi-dimensional, revolutionary platform used in the biggest surgical centres worldwide and indeed a ‘landmark’ for intra-operative imaging. Coupled with a surgical navigation system it is the only such system to guarantee 100% accuracy in locating and managing even the finest and most sensitive lesions and damage!

The system’s accuracy allows for accessing and operating on even exceptionally high risk areas, eliminating scope for medical error and thus particularly delicate, even previously inoperable, cerebrocranial areas may be accessed to have brain and spinal cord tumors removed, as well as musculoskeletal pelvic masses and tumors from the limbs, while moreover spinal procedures are becoming safer and more effective thanks to this innovative technology.

O-arm’s unique features signify a dramatic drop for surgery time required (which is now less by up to 50%), and even high-risk patients may nowadays be operated on! In addition, on top of the fact that the number of indications has increased, O-arm technology provides real-time 3-D images of organs during surgery, thus minimizing surgical risk while at the same time increasing patient survival rates.

This is what Panagiotis Papangelopoulos, Athens University Professor of Orthopedics and Chief of Orthopedic University Clinic A’ at ATTIKON General Hospital, and Mediterraneo Hospital Neurosurgeon Georgios Athanassiou, Chief of  Neurosurgery

Mr. Papangelopoulos pointed out that the Orthopedic Clinic A’ at ATTIKON General Hospital currently uses advanced and novel technologies in the field of surgical navigation. O-arm with Navigation is used mostly for total arthroplasties, trauma, spinal surgery and also, as of late, so as to have musculoskeletal masses from the limbs and the pelvis removed.

Navigation systems have been rapidly developing in recent years. They are now used in spinal surgery for they provide real time 3D images of anatomical areas during surgery while allowing for locating the exact anatomical position of surgical tools and implants (screws). As a result, Navigation affords a detailed surgical access plan and imaging access to screws and implants in real time.

Navigation has moreover been used as of late in myoskeletal mass surgical rescissions. ‘We have on various occasions used Navigation systems for the transcutaneous cauterization of osteoid osteomas or in metastatic lesions along with osteoplasty. We are trying to improve the use of surgical Navigation so as to safely remove masses from the spinal column as well as malignant tumors from the pelvis, to preserve healthy tissue around the mass while at the same time minimizing complications and functional losses for the patient’, Professor Papangelopoulos said.
Mr. Athanassiou stressed that especially as concerns spinal surgery, big-scale spinal fusions to manage severe scoliosis, either in teenagers or due to degenerative causes, are among the most serious procedures. The number of patients in need of spinal fusion is daily on the rise due to an ageing population and our sedentary way of life. Many spinal fusion cases are quite advanced age-wise which begets various other problems too. Support from an anaesthesiologist’s point of view can be quite demanding but it is also a challenge for medical science today.

And on top of that, Mr. Athanassiou underlined, patients are known to be fearful of paralysis due to anesthesia when having spinal surgery. There neither cause for insecurity and fear as regards nerves and nervous tissue remaining intact any longer nor is there any reason for fear on the part of either surgeons or patients about any type of possible paralysis after surgery as it is now down to zero.

As less time is needed in the OR and there are fewer possible complications for the nerves, it is now feasible to cut down on time for anaesthesia, to contain blood loss, do fewer transfusions, limit time spent in the ICU post-op, get patients less exposed to infectious agents and thus overall patient stress drops which in turn signifies lower morbidity rates owing to non-surgical issues.

For his part Mr. Vougioukas underpinned that neuro-Navigation has been an integral part of many types of Surgery (Neuro-, General-, Orthopedic-, Gnatho-surgery) for the past ten years. This technique mostly counts on pre-op imagery (MRI and CT axial scans) to help surgeons navigate safely through parts of the body characterised by tough anatomy and difficult access.

Partnership between Mediterraneo Hospital and Cambridge Breast Clinic

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6_CBC_1Glyfada, October 25, 2012

The partnership between Mediterraneo Hospital and Cambridge Breast Clinic was formally launched with a function which was held on Wednesday, October the 24th at the residence of the British Ambassador in Kolonaki (Athens). Ambassador David Landsman OBE made a brief introduction which was followed by speeches made by Professor Gordon Wishart and Ms. Georgia Dragini, Mediterraneo Hospital BoD Vice-President, before approximately 300 guests who stood for the world of medical science, business, diplomacy and representatives of Attica’s southern suberbs’ local government and administration.
The new Breast Clinic at Mediterraneo Hospital counts on the same guidelines and principles that Cambridge University Hospitals use to guarantee provision of top-notch care and clinical services for breast disease diagnosis and treatment.
A team of highly specialized physicians, who work both in the UK and Greece exclusively in the field of breast disease, are in charge of diagnosis and treatment. The Clinic is in direct contact and cooperation with top English University Hospitals which specialise in breast disease management. Opinions on mammograms and histological tests and exams are given by medical doctors both in Greece and the UK to ensure optimum diagnostic outcome and accuracy.
Thanks to this new partnership scheme Mediterraneo Ηοspital aspires to become a reference point while providing integrated and full-fledged health services based on European standards and prerequisites.


Open Space Event fοr Cambridge Breast Clinic

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CAMBRIDGE BREAST CLINICOn October 13, within the wider context of inaugurating our newly-established Cambridge Breast Clinic (CBC), and
as October formally the month for raising breast cancer awareness, Mediterraneo Hospital launched a day’s campaign with a view to providing information to the general public. The event took place on two locations at the heart of Glyfada.
Thus, over 2,000 people came to our information desks and were updated on the new Breast Clinic as well as on the joint Mediterraneo Hospital-CBC preventive mammogram care programme which is currently underway.
CBC uses the same guidelines Cambridge University Hospitals use for breast disease integrated diagnosis and treatment.
Gordon Wishart, CBC Director who actually works both in Greece and the UK, along with CBC Deputy Director John Benson and Vassilis Pitsinis are heading the team of experts who work for the Breast Clinic.