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Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism is exciting, dynamic, and growing.

Every day, there are new medical breakthroughs and procedures, new countries and facilities. Worldwide demand is helping the larger industry blossom at a fantastic rate.

Greece is ranked fourteenth by the World Health Organization (WHO) for having the best medical care facilities world-wide. Miles upon miles of stunning coastline, literally hundreds of breathtaking islands, spectacular mountain landscapes, and a vibrant cultural heritage make Greece the ideal place to seek a relaxing medical holiday.

Mediterraneo Hospital in the Athens Glyfada area, offers only the highest standard of care, providing medical tourists with world class services.

All our physicians speak excellent English, while many are multi-lingual, ensuring total communication with our foreign patients. Many of our surgeons are trained in the United States, the United Kingdom and other European countries, and have returned to Greece to provide stellar medical care.

For patients considering medical tourism as an option, receiving safe and high quality care is one of their primary concerns when considering which foreign hospital to use.

Mediterraneo Hospital is a TEMOS certified facility, works according to national and international established Quality Management Systems, and fulfills the strict Temos quality criteria for international patient care.

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