Mediterraneo Breast Screening Program

Why should I choose the Mediterraneo Breast Screening Program?

  • Because each mammogram, is performed with a latest generation digital PHILIPS mammography unit, that has the ability to perform stereotactic biopsies from suspect areas.
  • The mammograms are then sent to the collaborating Radiology Department of Great Britain, the world’s oldest National preventive program, with over 2.7 million mammograms performed annually,
  • Because the radiologists of the program are checked by the Ministry of health of Great Britain to ensure that they diagnose at least 10,000 mammograms each year.
  • Because each mammogram is controlled by two qualified breast radiologists, without knowing each other’s diagnosis, in order to increase the diagnostic accuracy.
  • Because in Greece,  there is no equivalent certified program that implements the latest guidelines on breast, and so you are given the opportunity to have a service with British quality standards, in Greece and at preferential prices.

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