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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

In November 2002, the European Charter of Patients’ Rights was issued in Rome by the Active Citizenship Network. The Charter was formally adopted in September 2007, in Brussels, by the European Economic and Social Committee and is now part of European Union law.

Chapter V of the Charter outlines civil rights and Article 35 refers to the protection of health in regards to the right of access to prevention procedures and to the benefits of medical treatment, under the conditions that have been established by national legislation and practice. Furthermore, there are also references in other articles regarding issues relating directly or indirectly to patients’ rights.

In our country a clear expression of patients’ rights can be found in Article 47 of Law: 2071/1992, which refers to the rights of hospital patients. In Law 3418/2005, which covers the Medical Ethics Code, there are articles which are related to the rights of patients.

Mediterraneo Hospital develops and implements procedures to ensure compliance with the aforementioned laws.

 Patient’s Rights
  1. The patient has the right to approach services offered by a Clinic; the most suitable for the nature of their disease.
  2. The patient has the right to be provided with care with due respect to human dignity. This care includes not only the general practice of medicine and nursing, but also consists of paramedical services, adequate accommodation, appropriate treatment and effective administrative and technical service.
  3. The patient has the right to consent or refuse any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure which is to be performed on them. In the case of a patient with partial or total mental incapacity, this right must be exercised by the person who is legally acting on their behalf.
  4. The patient is entitled to request to be informed regarding their situation.
  5. The patient’s interest is crucial and depends on the completeness and accuracy of the information given to him. The information provided to the patient should allow them to have a full picture of the medical, social and economic aspects of their situation and to take decisions themselves or participate in the decision making, which may predetermine their later life.
  6. The patient or their representative -in the case of implementation of paragraph 3- has the right to be fully informed and in advance, about the risks that may arise or occur in connection with the application of unusual or experimental diagnostic and therapeutic practices. The application of such practices on the patient only takes place after their specific consent. This consent may be revoked by the patient at any time.
  7. The patient should feel completely free in making their decision, in accepting or rejecting any cooperation which is taking place for research or educational purposes. Their consent for any such participation is their right and can be revoked at any time.
  8. The patient has the right to any preventive measures and to actual conditions, those possible, in order to protect their privacy. The confidentiality of the information and content of the documents concerning them, the dossier of medical notes and findings, must be guaranteed.
  9. The patient has the right to non-discrimination and for their religious and ideological beliefs to be respected and recognized.
  10. The patient has the right to present or duly file protests and complaints and be updated on these actions and results.
Patient’s Responsibilities
  1. The patient is obliged to inform the medical and nursing staff regarding any drugs & medications they may have been taking before their admission to the Clinic and must cooperate sincerely.
  2. Any complaint made by the patient and relatives should be addressed to the responsible staff of the Clinic in hierarchical order.
  3. The stay of relatives and friends in the hospital ward should only take place for a few hours and it should not be crowded, while the presence of children should be avoided.
  4. The companions that remain in the ward, due to special authorization, must ensure the maintenance of cleanliness. They should not sit on the patients’ beds, or bring flowers in the wards, while they should not keep food, soft drinks and coffee, because they transform into a microbe hotplate.
  5. Patients as well as their visitors should not make noise, because patients need calmness and quiet.
  6. The patients and their companions, as well as their visitors should not bring valuables or large sums of money into the Clinic.
  7. Patients must be punctual for their booked appointments and should not exit the ward unauthorized.
  8. Patients should always carry with them: their medical card and insurance card, any pertinent previous examinations, as well as all relevant documentation (health information bulletin, instructions etc.).
  9. Patients and their companions, while being admitted to the Clinic, should give the necessary information and the information requested by the medical and nursing staff.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in all areas of the Clinic.

Emergency Admission

The Hospital’s Outpatient Units work round the clock as a physician from each specialty is on call 24/7.

Should a patient be admitted as an emergency case, once physicians who are on call deem that admittance is required, the Secretariat provides the patient with all relevant information on availability and costs as well as a complete list of state social security agencies Mediterraneo Hospital has signed bilateral cooperation agreements with (and /or private insurance companies the Hospital cooperates with) so as for the respective patient hospital admission card to be properly drafted.

In any case, patients are advised to contact the Office for Accounting & Out Patients which is in charge of providing such type of specific information.

The patient, or the person accompanying them, should get in touch with the aforementioned office as soon as possible and within its regular working hours so as to get fully briefed on the hospital charges and fees as well as procedures that must be complied with.

The Accounting Office is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm and 8:00am – 3:00 pm on Saturdays.

Scheduled Admission

In case of a scheduled admission to our Hospital the patient first shows up at the Secretariat where the Hospital Admission Card needs to be drafted. To that end the following documents must be presented to the Secretariat:

  • Attending Physician’s note, orders and instructions
  • ID card
  • Individual patient Health Book
  • Social Security Number (AMKA)
  • The relevant Social security agency’s note (if need be)
  • Private insurance policy number in case of private coverage, in which case the patient must know in advance which class their insurer would justify and pay for on the basis of their contract.
  • Then an advance payment must be made, amounting to at least 30% of the sum that the patient is expected to pay; payment is made at the Secretariat or the Accounts Office.

The patient assumes full responsibility for any precious jewelry, portable computers and amounts of money they may choose to carry with them upon admittance.

Should the aforementioned be lost, Mediterraneo Hospital bears no liability whatsoever. It is nonetheless advisable that such objects be not left unattended.

Financial Information

The Accounting Office is responsible for providing financial and legal information as well as any information pertaining to patient hospitalization issues.

Working Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 8:00pm & Saturdays  8:00am – 3:00pm
Tel. +30 210 9117000, ext. 120, 126, 131

N.B. For Outpatient Services and information on the cost of exams or other tests (lab, imaging etc) you are kindly requested to contact the Secretariat at +30 210 9117000.

Discharge Notes

The Attending Physicians are responsible for patients to be discharged. On that occasion, the Attending Physician writes  a  discharge note that is  accompanied by medical instructions, as well as further medication instructions if necessary.

If a patient wishes to be transported by ambulance, the ward head nurse should be informed immediately, to prevent any delays of the discharge process.

After receiving the discharge note, the patient or their next of kin, must contact the outpatient accounting – admissions department, in order to settle any outstanding issues, and receive:

  • Copies of test results & exam reports*
  • Patient’s Social Health Book (applies to patients that are insured by the National Health Care System)

*All tests and exams during a patient’s hospitalization are stored in our electronic medical file system. If copies are requested, long after the patient has been discharged, an application form must be filed out and submitted to the Main Reception. The copies of the exams & tests are handed to the patient within five (5) working days after the application has been submitted.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are as follows:
Daily, 12:00 – 14:00 and 18:00 to 20:00
ICU visiting hours: Daily, 12:00 – 12:30 and 18:00 – 18:30
During visiting hours only one visitor per patient may be allowed.
Moreover, during provision of medical and nursing services accompanying members and visitors are not allowed to be present in patient rooms and wards.

Banks & Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

At the entrance of Mediterraneo Hospital there is a PIREUS BANK ATM. The ATM works round the clock (24/7) and is connected to DIAS (the system for interbank transactions).


Patients and their relatives can find a wide choice of accommodations options at a short distance from Mediterraneo Hospital.

Palace Hotel

A well-established hotel in Glyfada area, located only 15 min walk from the center of Glyfada and 10 min car/taxi drive from Mediterraneo Hospital. The tram stop is just a couple of meters from the hotel and invites the guests to take a tur along the south seaside of Athens towards the center. There is also a bus station towards Glyfada center but also to the opposite site towards Athens center (40 min). A friendly lobby invites the guests for a moment in the internet corner, a cup of coffee at the café, a drink or beverage at the bar/lounge. The swimming pool is both internal and external and it is open all day long during the summer. The wi-fi is free of charge for the guests. All rooms have sea view at the beach which is at 100m distance. A spacious room gives you all you may need to spend your time reading a newspaper, drinking a cup of coffee, watching satelite TV and/or enjoy the sea view and the sunset from the room balcony. The bathrooms are well-supplied with hygiene commodities. A friendly personnel assist you 24-hours for more you may need during your stay. The hotel guarrantees fresh and warm hospitality.

Best Western Fenix Hotel

A classic value hotel in Glyfada area, located only 15 min walk from the center of Glyfada and 5 min car/taxi drive from Mediterraneo Hospital. A tram station is nearby and offers tur and retur to Athens center. A central bus station is just 5 min walk from the hotel and buses run towars Glyfada (2 stops) and Athens (40 min). The hotel’s designed standard and executive rooms as well as suites taking under consideration all types of travelling needs in order to provide guests with a comfortable and hospitable environment. The hotel rooms are comfortable with a sea view and/or a pool view. The rooms are quite and well-decorated. There is also an excellent breakfast buffe but room service is offered as well.  The swimming pool offers a splash of breeze during the summer. Complementary wireless Internet access keeps you connected, and the LCD television offers satellite channels. A coffee/tea maker is supplied upon request and a refrigerator is available for use. Request an in-room massage is highly recommended. Well-trained and experienced personnel assist you for further requests. Wheel Chairs can be partially accommodated. The hotel provides all the comfort you could expect for a truly memorable stay.

Congo Palace Hotel

An impressive hotel in Glyfada center, located only 5 min walk from the center of Glyfada and 10 min car/taxi drive from Mediterraneo Hospital. The tram station is just opposite the street from the hotel. A central bus station towards Athens center is just 2 min walk from the hotel. The welcome lobby is modern and fresh. The hotel bar is open all day long for beverages and drinks. In front of the breakfast room lays the fully operating swimming pool. The breakfast room is cousie and impressive with a light african decor and the rich breakfast compensates the guests with various tastes. The rooms are spacious and sized differently in order to cover various needs of the guests i.e. from a single traveler to a family up to 4 adult persons. Enthusiastic personnel are ready to service the guests with pleasure. Wheel Chairs can also be accommodated. The hotel offers comfort by the sea and in the center of Glyfada.

Sea View Hotel

A modern and fresh hotel in Glyfada center, located only 5minute walk to the nearest culinary restaurants and lively bars as well as night clubs that are the hits of Athens though quite and withdrawn from noise. The rooms are cousie, spacious and comfortable. The rooms are also well-equipped with satellite LCD TV as well as a coffee maker. The bathrooms are supplied with luxury sanitary toiletries. There is american breakfast buffet with  a variety of morning snacks and juices which is also served with a room service per request. The swimming pool is available for the guests during the summer season. Free wireless keeps you connected. The hotel offers quite and pleasant stay with all luxury at its top.

Amarilia Hotel Vouliagmeni

A highly recommended hotel in Vouliagmeni, located 10 min from central cafe and restaurants of a quite and wealthy suburb called Vouliagmeni. The seaside lays in front of the hotel and it welcomes for a walk every afternoon while the exclusive fish restaurants of the area welcome the guests for a light snack “mezedaki” meat or fish. The swimming pool is also open all day long. It is an excellent hotel awarded with a certification since the hotel recently completed all rooms renovations. Along the corridors there is gallery art on the wall, specially chosen by the owners of the hotel.  All rooms are spacious with seaside view. Modernity and freshness gives you a sense of luxury.  The bathrooms are well-equipped with accessories and hygiene commodities. The main characteristic of this exclusive hotel is quietness and relaxing.

Palmyra Beach Hotel

A recommended hotel in Glyfada center, located 10 min from the center of Glyfada and 10 minute car or taxi drive to Mediterraneo Hospital. The tram and the bus station are 5 min walk. The seaside lays in front of the hotel but there is also a swimming pool which is open all day long during the summer. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with necessary commodities. The bathrooms are also fresh and they are supplied with sanitary toiletries. Rooms are available during the high season May-September.

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